By Leota Childress

The Sunshine Division is sending 150 emergency food boxes to Molalla each week for a month to fill a temporary shortfall. These food boxes will be distributed in the Molalla area to families and individuals in need.

Molalla Hope is looking for someone to donate the use of a 10’ to 12’ locking cargo trailer or box truck for this short time.

If you can help please, contact Leota Childress at lchildress@cityof

“Giving is not just about making a donation, it’s about making a difference.” -Kathy Calvin
As I tried to find organizations in need of funding or volunteers, I was blinded by the nasty COVID. Service organizations, such as food banks, are being run by staff. Some services have ceased operations entirely. However, during this downtime, many are cleaning, repairing, and renovating their facilities. 

The Grace Church at 901 Molalla Avenue has been innovative in meeting the needs of their congregation. Pastor Lee Throne and staff had to think outside the box. They decided to hold drive-in services on Sunday mornings at 10am. What an idea! 

The building is outdated and in need of repairs of various sorts. Last year they put on a new roof, an expensive project, and they reached out to the community for support. They decided to hold the first-ever Raise the Roof Festival. The community came out to enjoy the day filled with games, food, and entertainment.

This year they will be installing new energy-saving LED lighting throughout the building. We, the generous community of Molalla, have yet another opportunity to support an organization in our town. The need is for funding to help cover the cost and workers to help with the installation.

Contact Pastor Lee at 503.829.5568 if you can spare a few hours to help with installation. or a financial gift, you can give online at or mail a check to:
Grace Church, PO Box 287, Molalla OR 97038

Remember – The Need is Real

In the June 3rd release of The Bulletin, we ran an article about the Molalla Warming Center – and we got results! 

From the Warming Center:

“Thank you for your donations of toiletries, food, and clothing. One reader of The Bulletin even brought in a check for $100.”

-Molalla HOPE, Inc., dba Molalla Warming Center


“I have found that among its other benefits, giving liberates the soul of the giver.”
-Maya Angelou

Molalla HOPE, Inc. continues to operate the shower program and provide portable toilets at the Warming Center building at 209 Kennel Ave. Lunches and nutritional snacks are provided at the showers.
This operation costs roughly $500 per month and is funded locally. With your support, the shower service can continue to operate until the Molalla Aquatic Center reopens. The MAC has a shower program. However, the cost of portable toilets will remain until public facilities are reopened.

Molalla HOPE, Inc. needs supplies and funds. Donations can be dropped off at, or mailed to the Molalla Christian Church, 223 E Third, Molalla 97038. Please write your check to Molalla HOPE, Inc. The office is open limited hours so please call ahead at 503.829.2901.

There are also donation boxes, when it’s not raining, at City Hall, The Main Shop, and Molalla Market.

Men’s underwear, L & XL
Men’s new or gently used jeans
T-shirts, L & XL sizes 30 and 32
Individually wrapped snacks
Applesauce cups
Fruit cups
Soft granola bars
Individual peanut butter cups
Sunny D, single bottles Juice boxes

To make shopping easier, use Amazon/Wish List/Molalla Warming Center to select items.

Another way to support the program is to donate redeemable cans and bottles. You can request bags with tags by texting 503.984.7241. Then, the bags can be dropped off at 209 Kennel Ave. on Mondays, 9:30am-1:00pm or arrangements can be made to have them picked up.

Remember – The Need is Real

By Leota Childress

Molalla HOPE Inc.
“Giving is not just about making a donation, it’s about making a difference.”

Kathy Calvin, CEO of the UN Foundation

Molalla is known to be a giving city. In 2019, Molalla High School was a finalist in the Reader’s Digest “Nicest Places in America” competition. A Molalla resident was quoted as saying, “Unconditional love runs through the veins of this small and remarkable town.” Molalla area residents truly make a difference in the lives of so many, every year, every month, every week, and every day. What a great town we live in.
There are several organizations in the Molalla area that provide a variety of wonderful services. The purpose of this column is to introduce you to one these organizations each month. Perhaps you will find an organization that ‘strikes your fancy’ and decide to volunteer or support in some way.
With the limitations placed on us by the COVID virus, I was limited on making connections so this month’s column will introduce you to the non-profit service organization that I know well and is close to my heart, Molalla HOPE, Inc.
Molalla HOPE, Inc. was incorporated in 2019. HOPE is an acronym for Helping Others Pursue Empowerment. The corporation was formed by the founders of the Molalla Warming Center. They decided to expand their scope and that incorporating would be the best way to do that.
The purpose of HOPE is to operate the Molalla Warming Center, offer support and/or fiscal sponsorship to unincorporated entities for their purpose, and engage in community building efforts and activities.
Mission Statement: The Molalla Warming Center exists to provide a welcoming and safe overnight sleep to un-housed individuals in the Molalla area during periods of extreme weather.
This month we will look at what the Center volunteers are doing now, even though winter is well behind us. BC (before COVID), un-housed individuals had public restroom facilities and they could shower at the Molalla Aquatic Center. These are basic human needs. They could also collect cans and turn them in for cash. None of these three is any longer available.
When the governor closed the state, all parks were closed. Shortly, the Molalla Aquatic Center closed, as well. Grocery stores stopped taking cans. Being unable to return cans has caused a financial hardship for everyone. But… having years of experience and a deep commitment to provide services, the Center staff got busy. “How can we help”, they said.
Right away, they ordered two portable toilets, with hand-washing stations, to be placed at the Center building, 209 Kennel Ave. That took care of public restrooms.
Then, there was the question of personal hygiene and cleanliness, which had become more important than ever before. The staff started looking for portable showers. Every company that rented them had none left in stock.
Eventually, through working with representatives from Clackamas County, LoveOne Laundry, Clackamas Service Center, and more outreach services, portable showers arrived at the Center. Now, the shower trailer will be onsite every Monday for the duration of the shutdown of regularly available services. In addition to a shower, clients get a personal hygiene kit, new underwear, and a sack lunch.
Molalla HOPE, Inc. needs supplies and funds to continue the shower operation. There has been a local donation drive but the rain sort of put that out of commission for now.
The weekly operation takes only two volunteers so the way you can support the program is by donations of products or cash. What do they need?
  • Personal size toiletries Men’s underwear, L & XL
  • Socks
  • T-shirts, L & XL
  • Individually wrapped snacks Applesauce cups
  • Fruit cups Soft granola bars
  • Individual peanut butter cups Cup-O-Noodles
  • SunnyD Juice boxes
To make shopping easier, the Molalla Warming Center has built a wish list on
Cash donations will be used to pay for portable toilets, items for lunch, and the needs that are not met otherwise.
Donations can be dropped off at the Molalla Christian Church, Monday-Thursday, 10am-2pm. Under the existing circumstances, please call ahead at 503.829.2901.
Remember – The Need is Real