Welcome to Molalla here, just reminding you to come check out our website at welcometomolalla.com. We’d love to learn of your events (which will also go into the Bulletin), volunteer organizations you’re involved in upcoming events (of a public nature). If you’re a local business, please contact us. All licensed businesses receive a free spot on our local business directory page.

Other WTM news: we are in the process of becoming a non-profit with the goals of promoting local events, businesses, and the town itself. Please – get involved! It’s even free! And the more activity we can generate, the greater we can make our city!

Contact us at welcometomolalla.com.
Or call me (Robert Thompson) directly @ 503-729-9477.

Welcome to Molalla – The Podcast

Check this out: Molalla has a podcast. Now, I’m going to be transparent here: we’ve only done two episodes (actually 3, but I haven’t edited the 3rd yet!). Lisa Coleman (owner of Crossfit Molalla) and I (Robert Thompson, Owner of Robert Thompson Real Estate – pretty creative name, eh?) will banter back and forth about local subjects and sometimes about nothing at all. On the last episode (the one not edited yet), we digress from Molalla into Air Fryers and Instant Pots. But we’ll be trying to stay on top of local ‘stuff’ for this weekly addition to Molalla Life! So come check us out – there’s a little something for everyone! You can find it on many of your favorite podcast apps (Apple, Stitcher, Google…) or you can link to it from our website at http://welcometomolalla.com/podcast/


There’s more to Molalla than meets the eye. Follow the banners to adventure.
By Leota Childress

In September 2015, a group of area residents joined the Molalla Ford Institute Leadership Program Cohort 3. The Ford Family Foundation and Rural Development Initiative, Inc., Oregon based non-profits, provided the leadership classes.
The banner project is the culmination of a year-long training and fund-raising effort by Cohort 3. Roxie Smith and I led the donations drive. The community support was so great that an additional 40 patriotic banners were made to hang July through August. We hope to expand the program to have Christmas and Spring banners in the future. The Molalla Area Chamber of Commerce is raising funds for the Christmas banners this year. Contact them at 503.829.6941 to donate to the project.

The banners are designed to stimulate interest in getting to know Molalla. The silhouettes allow the onlooker to interpret the image based on their personal life experience. What you see in a banner might be different than what I see but we both acknowledge an Historic Molalla Banners

Molalla and the surrounding area are steeped in community, recreation, heritage, and
history. The banners tell the story and guide you through the many things that make Molalla a truly amazing community to live in and explore.

Discover the long, rich history of Molalla from 1844 to the 1950s

Business Spotlight

Flat Iron Boot and  Shoe Repair and Rory’s Saddlery 

Visit this iconic Molalla business, located at 410 E. Main St.  The Boot and Saddlery repair was first started by Robert Waddle,  Rory’s father in 1990 in Montana. In 2001 they moved to Molalla where Rory joined the business. Robert retired last year and Rory is now running the business. Not only will Flat Iron repair your boots, shoes, saddles, and tack with good old craftsmanship and service, but they will also sell you top quality boots, saddles, & tack. You can also talk to Rory about custom leather work. Come visit Rory and support this local business or call 503-829-9635

The Humble Pig
Joe & Sara are amazing folks that put their heart and soul into the food they serve. If you haven’t eaten there it’s definitely worth the trip. Check them out, their menu changes weekly depending what fresh local products they are able to source.


NV Feed changes its name

NV Feed is now North Valley Feed and Mercantile. While they are still your local feed store, they are making some exciting changes. Owner Nick Meuret says, “We have fallen on some tough times and so have a lot of other local business, so we have decided to focus on having feed and products that are produced right here in Oregon”. If you have driven by lately you have noticed handmade chairs, tables, and other items sitting in front of the store. In the store you will find Oregon-made BBQ sauces, hot sauces, honey, and other food items.

Todd Gary says, “We want to showcase the makers of all the products, so you know who made what you are purchasing. These small producers are what make America what it is”. Stop by the store at 603 W Main Street… things are changing daily!

If you are a local artisan and would like to showcase items in our store, please stop by and see them! They say they still like to do business the old fashion way, “Let’s talk.” Nick Meuret is the owner of NV Feed and can be reached at 503-829-8060.

COVID-19 Small Business Assistance Grants

Clackamas County is offering Small Business Assistance grants to provide financial support to businesses with 25 employees or fewer that have been adversely affected by economic conditions associated with the COVID-19 pandemic. 

“Clackamas County is focused on supporting businesses across the county, especially those with owners who are historically disadvantaged, sole proprietors, and in low-income, unincorporated areas,” said Laura Zentner, Director of the County’s Department of Business and Community Services.

The program, provided in cooperation with Micro Enterprise Services of Oregon (MESO), will provide a total of $420,000 in grants, with individual grants starting at $2,500.
Applications will be available online at www.clackamas.us/business, and will be accepted from 8 a.m., Monday, June 29 through 5 p.m., Friday, July 3. All completed applications received by the deadline will be considered. 

To be eligible to apply, a business must:
• Have been adversely affected economically in one of the following two categories:
For-profit and non-profit (limited to 501(c)(3) corporations) businesses that were prohibited from operation as directed by Executive Order 20-12. For-profit businesses that can demonstrate a one month decline in revenue greater than 50% in the month of March 2020 or April 2020 as compared with sales in the month of January 2020 or February 2020. 501(c)(3) corporations that can demonstrate a decline in revenue greater than 50% across the months of March 2020 and April 2020 as compared with the same period of time in 2019.
• Have been unable to access federal CARES Act funds, including:
Small Business Administration Paycheck Protection Program (PPP);
Economic Injury Disaster Loan Emergency Advance program (EIDL); or Other federal programs for emergency pandemic funding.
• Serve Clackamas County residents; Employed fewer than 25 employees on Feb. 29, 2020; If part of a chain, must be an individually-owned franchise
Businesses that receive a grant will be allowed to use the funds to cover operating expenses such as payroll and benefits, rent or mortgage payments, and utility bills.

Clackamas County encourages applications from minority-owned, woman-owned and veteran-owned businesses, and sole proprietorships and, together with MESO and the grant review committee, will work to ensure equitable distribution amongst all small business types.

The County is committed to ensuring fair, equitable and careful distribution of grant awards to local businesses. 

Businesses with questions are invited to contact Clackamas County Business & Economic Development Coordinator Jon Legarza at jlegarza@clackamas.us or the Business and Community Services Department at 503-742-4366 or 4biz@clackamas.us.


Paying It Forward

All of this isolation has really taken a toll on the world. People all over are feeling the struggle of being out of work, which is definitely hard in many ways. I myself have the most amazing customers! In the barbershop we have pages and pages of new rules and the process to stay open has been a bit expensive and difficult to say the least. There were things we needed just to open that we couldn’t even get because of back-ordered supplies or things that were just flat always sold out. 

This is where our amazing customers stepped in (like always). We have had multiple customers donate and loan us supplies so we could open and run smoother. We have an infrared thermometer and hair capes on loan, we have had extra money given for supplies, hand sanitizer and masks donated, extra capes bought, extra toilet paper given when we couldn’t find any. Not once have we had to ask for any of these things. Our customers that have been on the essential job end of this pandemic have just jumped in to help the ones in need.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts to these ‘Pay It Forward’ people in our town. You are truly appreciated. I hope others in this stressed time see and follow your lead because life is tough enough and these types of giving, as little as they might seem to you, are huge to another person’s outlook in life.

Thank you again.
Tina’s Barbershop
Tina & Hailey Peters

Escape Molalla is now opened for business!

So what’s an Escape Room?

An escape room is a themed room where you will work as a team to solve puzzles using clues, and try to escape before your hour of time is up!

NV Feed Making Changes

Changes are coming soon to NV Feed at 603 W Main Street, including a name change! While they’ll still be the fine purveyors of livestock feed and supplies that they’ve always been, they’ll now also be a local artisans’ market. The changes will include not only local made products but also locally accessed food items. They are working on their new layout every week and are planning to roll out all their new products in early July. Stay tuned for more information in the next issue. Great things are coming.

There’s a new website in town…
By Robert Thompson

WelcomeToMolalla.com has been live for about a month now. (If you haven’t visited the site yet, please take a look as soon as you can.) There is a twofold mission behind this website and the people and businesses who make it happen. The first purpose (though the order is not important) is for businesses to have a way to network with each other in town, allowing and encouraging businesses to be able to work together – great for the local economy and great for the promotion of Molalla as a city. The second goal is for WTM to present Molalla – our city and our businesses – to visitors, residents, and potential residents. To present a Molalla that is a great place to visit, or, if you’re already here, a great place to stay.

Our site has an Events Page, a Business and Restaurant Guide, a Resources Page, and a blog. We have also recorded our first two podcasts – with news about what’s going on in Molalla as well as interviews with folks from town. Our interview this morning was with Maddy Brinkman, a senior at Molalla High School, who gave her take on how COVID has affected not only her Senior Class, but also school in general, teachers, and classroom solutions. And what moving off to college looks like in our current, ever-changing world. So keep your eyes – or ears – peeled for that.

There’s still a long way to go as we continue to develop the site and try to get the word out about Welcome To Molalla. What we are trying to do, in short, is be a ‘one-stop shop’ for everything Molalla. What’s happening this week, what are the new businesses, can I find an accountant in town, what’s the number to City Hall? And welcoming new residents and new businesses as we continue to grow. We want to keep growing to create a more robust forum for everyone visiting or living in or near Molalla.

Please check out the site, sign up to join, and get yourself on the Welcome To Molalla Newsletter list to learn even more about what’s going on in town. We would love to hear your ideas. And we would love to be informed of upcoming events that you know of. If you’re a local, licensed business, send us a logo, a name, and a ‘blurb’ so we can put you into our business directory page – it’s free!

We’ve also been recognized by the City of Molalla and there is a link on their site to ours – now we want to make sure that live up to that vote of confidence by continuing to grow.

To contact us, please email WelcomeToMolalla@gmail.com or just visit the site and leave a comment.

Ferris Wheels Deliveries
By Robert Thompson

Have you heard about Ferris Wheels Deliveries? If you haven’t, listen up! Ferris Wheels Deliveries is a locally-owned, locally-operated business success. Started and run by Laura Ferris, an apparently tireless woman, FWD will bring food straight to your house from your local restaurant of choice. Be watching in the near future for an interview with Laura.

In the meantime, call Ferris Wheels Deliveries at 503-758-7523

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/FerriswheelsDeliveries/


If you haven’t heard of it, there is a new business award in town. It’s the Molalla Kick-Ass Business of the Month award. Each business who receives the award holds it for one month, then selects a new business to receive it on the first of the following month. As with everything else in the world, COVID interfered a bit with the pomp and circumstance that was supposed to accompany the beginning of all of this. So here’s a recap of the first four businesses to receive it.

March, 2020: Congratulations to Back to the Racks Boutique, owned by Stefanie James Newton, at 123 Engle Avenue. Back to the Racks is a consignment boutique, selling clothes for newborns, juniors, and ladies, as well as accessories and other fine, pretty objects. Stop by to congratulate Stefanie and check out her awesome boutique. (971) 284-9447

April, 2020: Congratulations to Bentley Feed at 430 Hart Avenue (temporarily while their new old building is being rebuilt). If you have animals to take care of, stop by and introduce yourself to Brian and Ashley who will take care of you with “small town service and hospitality”. (503) 829-2412

May, 2020: Thai Yo Sushi took over the award on May 1. A super-popular relative newcomer in Molalla, Thai Yo offers noodles, curries, entreés, and sushi. They’re not open for inside seating yet but they do a brisk and delicious take-out business. Congratulations! (503) 829-8424

June, 2020: Crossfit Molalla. Lisa Coleman, whose business reopened on June 1, pulls the prize for June. She’s dedicated to fitness for the large and small – check out her programs for the youngsters! Lisa has also been very instrumental in the creation of WelcomeToMolalla.com and owns 3 Roosters Design to build websites and help businesses with their online presence. (503) 502-6176

July, 2020: NV Feed is now North Valley Feed and Mercantile. While they are still your local feed store, they are making some exciting changes. Owner Nick Meuret says, “we have decided to focus on having feed and products that are produced right here in Oregon”. If you have driven by lately you have noticed handmade chairs, tables, and other items sitting in front of the store. In the store you will find Oregon-made BBQ sauces, hot sauces, honey, and other food items. Todd Gary says, “We want to showcase the makers of all the products, so you know who made what you are purchasing. These small producers are what make America what it is”. Stop by the store at 603 W Main Street… things are changing daily!

By Robert Thompson Yes, it’s that time again already. In the last issue of The Bulletin, we were playing catch-up. So we didn’t have a picture of the winner of the Kickass Business of the Month Award for June. So here is Lisa – along with coaches Michelle and Tim Habeck – posing in what is affectionately known as the ‘Box’. Congratulations to CrossFit Molalla! CrossFit Molalla 1515 W Main St, Ste Q (971) 754-5817.